It is not only our passion for beauty and uniqueness in the world of fashion that unites our team. It is also the love of nature and animals. So we decided to work with three bright dogs of a certain breed instead of a photo of us. The Magyar Viszla dogs from Hungary are tenacious with fast reactions, a good tracking nose and a constant desire to learn. The elegant, stylish animals are also sensitive, loyal, intelligent and freedom-loving. All characteristics that represent our united efforts at Sutter-Michel and demonstrate what we strive to achieve on a daily basis.

Our customers come from the region, from Switzerland and from all over Europe. They have high expectations and requirements, and they know that we always keep an eye open to reserve their favourite piece for them. Tailor-made individuality and true intelligence of the heart are important to them. This drives us to constantly improve the special Sutter-Michel atmosphere of friendliness, creativity and the intuitive instinct of good taste.